VAVRS Special Events & Off-Road Operations Training (SEOR-OPS)
By Member Stephanie Palmer
March 10, 2021

We will be hosting a VAVRS Special Events & Off-Road Operations Training (SEOR-OPS) class on Saturday, April 24, 2021 and Sunday, April 25, 2021.

This class is very informative and hands-on training. This class will teach you what type of machine your agency may need to get to the patient, setting up your trailer, and properly securing your machine. Emphasis was taught on how to get the operators safely to the patient and then back out. It also covered what specialized equipment you may need, off-road emergency and general maintenance of the machine. It allowed everyone to test the abilities and limitations of not just their agencies machine but others as well.

And a big THANK YOU to Gerald Layne, Tarry Pribble for teaching this class and again and use of their equipment.

If your agency has and uses an ATV or UTV and for rescue operations in any form, THIS CLASS IS A MUST HAVE!